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pink handbagEveryone knows how popular designer inspired products are. In fashion, everyone would love a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, a Gucci handbag or Prada scarf but not everyone has the income necessary to justify such extravagant expenses. To compensate for the masses that are priced out of the real thing, the designer inspired market has become an industry unto itself, producing thousands of fashion accessories that look just like the name brand products but for a fraction of the cost. At Handbag Distributor we feature a wide selection of designer inspired handbags and women's purses that can be bought at wholesale and sold at a reasonable price so you make a profit and your customers get a great looking handbag.

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No More Window Shopping

When you carry such heavyweight fashion labels as Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes, Michael Kors and Kate Spade you can expect a lot of window shopping. This means customers will spend plenty of time looking because they certainly won't be buying. These designer handbags that often run in the mid 4-figure price range get plenty of attention but few buyers. With our designer inspired handbags gracing your store shelves you can expect shoppers to not only look but also get excited when the check out the price tag and realize they can afford a stylish new bag.

Designer Inspired, Not Knock Offs

When some consumers hear "designer inspired" they start to think knock-off. This is simply not true. While there are plenty of replica and knock off handbag distributors out there, illegally using the trademarks of known fashion designers, our wholesale handbags are designer inspired meaning they borrow ideas from top designers but do not steal the design or patterns. If someone is offering you a Louis Vuitton handbag for $300 it's safe to say it isn't real. But when you stock your store with high quality designer inspired handbags you won't have to worry about cease and desist orders and all your clients can enjoy high quality handbags at reasonable prices.

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