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Fashion Forward Dog Collars

black dog collarWith more wealthy people leaving large inheritances to their pets it's not hard to understand that there is a growing market for luxury pet accessories and one of the more popular items are the rhinestone and glass crystal studded dog collars. For some people pets are like their children and spending lavishly on a dog isn't any more unusual than buying expensive gifts for kids. Whether you own a classic English bulldog or more common Labrador retriever a well-made rhinestone studded dog collar may be just the accessory he needs to complete his canine ensemble.

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Decorative dog collars come in many sizes and colors including small dog collars for toy breeds and dogs with thin necks and larger collars for big breeds and dogs with thick necks such as pit bulls and bull dogs. You can find high quality genuine cowhide dog collar straps in great colors including black, brown and pink to match your dog's gender and particular style. Many dog collar straps will include a decorative buckle or will have ornamental rhinestone and glass crystal studs lining the strap itself.

With leash attachments included and a wide variety of sizes to choose from you can outfit your favorite pet with a shiny dog collar accessory and have him be the talk of the neighborhood when out on walks. With genuine rhinestone crystals decorating the strap and larger rhinestones making up the front buckle your dog will have his bling on in no time and be turning heads wherever he goes.

For a less showy dog collar that still has an edge to it try the rhinestone dog collar that features smaller rhinestone studs that line the collar in parallel rows and give off a classic metal stud look. With a jet black cowhide leather strap and well polished rhinestone studs your dog will have a classic looking collar that has enough shiny studs to be noticed but not so many it's over the top.

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