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Trendy Styles for Cadet Caps

cadet cap stylesExtra, extra, here's a hot tip for boutique and retail fashion store owners! You can get trendy cadet caps at wholesale prices at Handbag Distributor. The site known for offering the finest wholesale western handbags also features a variety of stylish hats and caps, from classic beer brand faded baseball hats to rhinestone studded cadet caps that chic trendsetters are always looking for.

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Order your cadet caps today, including the rhinestone studded model with velcro closure that comes in hot pink and the front bill genuine cowhide leather style cadet cap decorated with rhinestone crystals. You can also order the cadet style cross cap that also comes with rhinestone and large metal studs.

Another style that typifies cadet caps is the camouflage cap with the rhinestone peace sign that combines the military history of the cap with the classic camouflage color and the iconic peace symbol in studded and shimmering rhinestones. The wearer makes a bold statement that peace knows no boundaries and can even be spotted on a military hat.

Bikers also wear cadet caps instead of helmets to protect their heads from the sun. They choose the stylish all black cadet caps with a front bill made from genuine cowhide leather with designer rhinestone crosses on top.

Cadet caps aren't just for men. Our high quality cadet caps for girls come in hot pink colors with genuine leather front bills studded with rhinestones.

Cadet caps have always been a favorite of the bohemian artist set and our trendy models update the classic 1960s style caps with shimmering rhinestone accents in a variety of patterns, including peace signs, western crosses, skull and crossbones and other traditional western emblems. They're available in many sizes and trendy and classic colors from pink to camouflage, black, brown and natural. You can also order classic beer brand baseball caps from well-known brewers including Coors and Guinness.

You can always shop our site easily and find exactly what you're looking for to get your shelves stocked quickly. You'll save on our wholesale prices, while enhancing your inventory with trendy cadet caps in addition to our other popular items, from animal print designer handbags to rhinestone studded flip flops and leatherette kids purses. Ideal for cowgirls and other trendsetters, cadet caps, western handbags and other fashion items from Handbag Distributor are a fashion retailer's dream to retain happy customers and find lots of new ones.

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