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pink flip flopsWith the summer month's quickly approaching people are going to begin putting their winter boots away and purchasing flip flops. While some shoppers may decide to purchase plain rubber flip flops the majority of customers want footwear that reflects their personal style and will continuously compliment their outfits. By choosing from our selection of wholesale flip flops you will be able to offer your customers shoes that meet all of their needs.

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Our beautiful embellished flip flops will keep your customers looking fashionable this summer without a problem. Flip flops are the footwear of choice for many in the summer because they keep the feet cool and are easy to slide on when in a hurry. The flip flops we can offer your customer take the convenient footwear one step further by adding turquoise rhinestones, cowhide straps, zebra prints, and a variety of other unique designs.

By choosing us as your flip flop wholesaler you will be able to purchase flip flops in a variety of popular colors and the rhinestone embellishments come in a desirable selection of shapes, including crosses and diamonds. When customers are searching for summer footwear they are often seeking something that is both comfortable and durable, our flip flops meet both of these criteria and are sure to leave your customers satisfied. Whether your customer is seeking a pair of flip flops that are very ornate, a simple pair or anything in between we have the right pair for them. And don't limit your retail shop's flip flop selection to adults – we also carry a line of flip flops for children.

When purchasing your wholesale flip flops we offer them in a convenient 10-pair set that has three sizes: small, medium, and large. Each of these three sizes coincides with a numeral shoe size so your customers will have no problem finding the pair to fit them. So this summer make sure that your customers have the stylish and comfortable footwear they desire by purchasing wholesale flip flops.

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