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Choosing a Handbag to Use All Year

winter handbagsHandbags are expensive accessories, often costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you are going to invest that kind of money, you want to get as much use as possible out of your bag. Here are some tips to help you choose a purse that you can carry year-round.

Choose a handbag in a size that you can carry in every season. Summer handbags tend to be larger and more casual than winter purses. Look for a size in between that is comfortable and practical.

A hobo is a medium-sized bag with a slouchy, half-moon shape. It is usually made from a soft material, such as suede or microfiber, and has a zipper. A hobo can be carried over the shoulder and looks good with both casual and semi-formal outfits.

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Shoulder bags come in a range of sizes and have longer shoulder straps. Look for a medium-sized shoulder bag that is lightweight but doesn’t look too summer casual.

Totes range in size from medium to large and have two small straps that can be carried in the hand or medium length straps that can fit over the shoulder. Totes are often made from a soft material and have an open top.

You also need to consider the material when choosing a bag you can carry all year. Leather, suede, and canvas handbags can often be used year-round.

Dark colors, such as black and brown, are usually associated with winter, while white and pastels are generally considered summer colors. Look for a beige, green, red, or yellow bag that you can wear with both summer and winter outfits.

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