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How to Keep Your Handbag Organized

winter handbagsA handbag is an important accessory that holds the many items you need on a daily basis, as well as things you don’t use as often but might need in a pinch. With so many things you might need, as well as items you collect throughout the week, your handbag can easily become cluttered and disorganized. Here are some tips to help you get and stay organized.

One of the most important rules about organization is to clean out your purse periodically. Going through it once a week will help you weed out anything you don’t need and give you an opportunity to organize the things you use on a regular basis.

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The best way to organize your handbag is to separate things you use into categories and place them in separate containers. Put money and credit cards in your wallet, cosmetics in a bag, pens in another place, and so on.

If you get a receipt for every purchase and stuff them in your bag, it can quickly become messy. Set aside a specific place for receipts and then put them away when you get home or throw them away if you don’t need to save them.

You probably accumulate a lot of small items you don’t need, like napkins, ketchup and salt packets, and free samples, and put them in your purse. By the end of the week, it can be cluttered with a bunch of things you didn’t use. Before you pick up something and put it in your purse, ask yourself if you really need it.

Many women get change and drop it in their purse. This can create a mess that is a chore to clean up at the end of the week. It can also mean you have to search for change when you need it or use bills instead, which makes you wind up with more change. When you are given coins, immediately put them in your wallet or a change purse.

Be prepared for minor illnesses and emergencies. Store Band-Aids, a hairbrush, hair ties, stain remover, tweezers, and any other items you might need in a separate pouch or bag in your purse.

Mothers carry items their children might need in their handbags, and children often put things like toys and food in their mothers’ purses. If you have children, take along a separate bag for their toys, diapers, and extra clothes to keep your purse from getting cluttered.

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