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How to Store Your Handbags

Wholesale HandbagsHandbags can be expensive purchases, so you want to take care of them. Storing your handbags properly can help them keep their shape and avoid damage so that your investments will last longer and retain their value.

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Different styles of handbags need to be stored in different ways. If you have clutches, put them in a covered storage box. You can use a fabric box with a top or a plastic storage container. If you use a clear storage container, it will be easier to see your bags. You can sort clutches by size or color.

Large handbags should be put on a shelf. If you have a limited amount of shelf space, you can hang them from a rod or use a hook over a door. You can also add a rod above a shelf over your closet rod. You can display your handbags on glass shelves or in individual cubbies or add hooks to the sides of shelves to hold your bags by the handles.

Filling handbags with wadded paper will help them maintain their shape and structure and keep them standing. If your handbags came with dust covers, put paper in the dust covers. If you have a purse that did not come with a dust cover, put wadded up paper in a plastic bag and put it inside your handbag. When you want to switch purses, you will be able to easily remove the entire bag, rather than having to remove the paper one piece at a time. Make sure to push the paper into the bottom corners of your handbag because those are natural places for bags to lose their shape.

If you have a designer handbag, it probably came with a fabric or felt drawstring bag to protect it. This can shield the bag from scratches and dust, but it can also make it harder to find the bag you are looking for in your closet if you have several.

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