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The Return of the Classic Cadet Cap

brown cadet capFrom new recruits and national guards to folk singers and rebellious artists the cadet cap has had a long and storied history. During the 1960's when passions ran high on the pro and anti-war camps the classic cadet cap was worn not only by those drafted into the army but also by those protesting the war including folk artists, bands and counter-culture rebels who saw wearing the cadet cap as a sign of civil disobedience to the call up. Featuring a pliable brim and soft materials the cadet cap is the perfect hat for casual wear and continues to be a favorite among many culture camps.

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One particular style that typifies cadet caps is the camouflage cap with rhinestone peace sign. At once this stylish piece of headwear combines the military history of the cap with its simple design and classic camouflage colors with the iconic peace symbol in studded and shimmering rhinestones. Passion can also be a fashion and with this cadet cap the wearer is making a bold statement in that peace knows no boundaries and can even be sported on the most military of hats.

Another group that enjoys adopting the classic cadet cap is the biker set. For those bikers that choose not to wear helmets they still look for high quality headwear including bandanas and cadet caps to protect their heads from burning sunlight. Cadet caps also offer the added protection of being able to shield the rider's eyes from the sun's glare off the road. Many bikers choose the stylish all black cadet cap with a front bill made of genuine cowhide leather and featuring designer rhinestone cross on the top and genuine rhinestone crystals across the front bill. Tough, casual and decorative this style cadet cap will be welcomes by any biker gang.

Of course cadet caps aren't just for the boys. You can find high quality cadet style caps made just for girls in classic pink colors with a front bill made from genuine cowhide leather and a stylish rhinestone ornament on the side including crosses, peace signs and skull and cross bone designs.

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