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brown western style handbagRight now Texas is hot. Not just because of prolonged 100-degree weather, natural gas field discoveries and a governor who just threw his 10-gallon cowboy hat into the presidential ring, but because the western style in fashion is still going strong. From western belts and jewelry to wholesale handbags and designer purses the style and flair of the American southwest is still a major trend in fashion and at Handbag Distributor we offer a fantastic selection of wholesale women's handbags in great western styles to stock your retail store with designer purses that are in demand.

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In retail it's all about moving product. You need to give the consumer what they want and right now western styles are still ringing up cash registers. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to make a profit. Shop our great selection of wholesale women's handbags in classic western styles including rhinestone crosses, cow print leatherette and messenger handbags with studded star ornaments. By stocking up on our great women's western purses you save money by buying wholesale and add to your store inventory a hot fashion accessory that is running strong from New York to Los Angeles.

At Handbag Distributor we know the demand for western fashion is at an all-time high so we continue to add to our wholesale western handbag collection whenever we find new and exciting designs. From traditional brown cowhide leather with rhinestone crosses to more contemporary red and black zebra stripes on leatherette we carry an amazing selection of western theme designer handbags to satisfy consumers of all ages. We feature a great selection of handbag styles including messenger bags, clutch purses, tote bags, shoulder bags and hobo bags to suit a diverse clientele.

The great part of western style is how easy it can flow from traditional to contemporary. Even with classic cowhide leather you can find wholesale handbags with contemporary designs including dazzling rhinestone stars and crosses. The reverse is also true when you take a contemporary design, such as an animal print clutch bag and add traditional ornaments including flower arrangements and classic buckles. Stay on top of the hot trend in fashion and stock your shelves with our great selection of wholesale western handbags.

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